Goddammit, Drake’s done it again. He’s really done it. His “God’s Plan” music video is a powerful message to (and example for) every single person in the music industry. Hell — it’s an example for every single person, period. The video opens by saying “The budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away.” And he did, he took the entire budget and handed it over to people who need it.

“The ‘God’s Plan’ video upended the usual lavish efforts from music production companies, and instead showed Drake handing out wads of cash to struggling families, toys to children, scholarships to students and checks to a women’s shelter and a youth club in Miami, Florida,” the Telegraph reports. And the whole video let’s you watch it happen. Handing over checks, gifts, and at some points just wads of cash — you can see people receive life-changing gifts.

And it’s not just a PR stunt. Along with dropping the music video, Drake has been on social media urging fans to “go out and be nice to teach other”. He’s described the music video as “the most important thing I have ever done in my career”. And when you watch it, you’ll have to agree.  If you want to see the definition of class, this it it.

Check out the video in full here:

There’s something so satisfying in seeing the normal paradigm of the music video — the nauseating amounts of consumption, of ego, of waste — completely turned on its head. It’s about the people’s he’s helping, of course it is — but it’s also about the message it sends. A reminder about what’s important, about what being a powerful person really means. About what it should mean. Drake just showed everyone exactly how it should be done.

Hats off to you, sir. Hats right the hell off.