Putting anything under a microscope can be hilarious — if you do it the right way. Seeing the exaggeration turn tiny details into an absurdity is hugely satisfying, especially with a subject that we can all appreciate as a bit ridiculous. And that’s exactly what “No Other Way To Say It” does. “Director Tim Mason pulls the curtain back on the glamorous world of advertising in this short comedy about a voiceover actor trying to nail the right tone for a pair of indecisive ad creatives selling a fictitious children’s ice cream brand,” the video explains. “Or is it a short tragedy about a pair of ad creatives trying to coax the right tone out of a distracted voiceover actor? Either way, watch as the Hog Butcher team captures the gritty reality of advertising. A can’t miss for anyone thinking about going to portfolio school or applying for a bachelor’s in Radio and Television.”

It’s wry, funny, intelligent — and also more than a little close to the bone when it comes to advertising. If you want to have a chuckle and experience some great writing, this video does both. Also, you hear the phrase “little dumpers” more than you ever imagine you could in a six minute video. I’m not sure if it’s a pro or a con, but it definitely happens. And the more times you hear it, the more ridiculous it becomes. All of the irritating minutia of recording an advertisement is juxtaposed beautifully with dark, relatable twists. It just works.

You can check out the whole thing here. It’s just six minutes of your time — and totally worth it.

There’s a reason this video made Vimeo’s staff picks of the week. “No Other Way To Say It” hits the nail on the head for some very satisfying entertainment — that also reminds us why the world of media and advertising can be so ridiculous.