“Lost in Light II” will give you a whole new understanding of the night sky. The video, like its predecessor, looks at the extent and effects of light pollution, a huge problem that so many of us walk around in ignorance of. We don’t realize that the lights we take for granted have actually completely reconfigured our view of the heavens, but this video paints too clear a picture to ignore.

Starting with San Francisco — at light pollution level eight — the video shows the various levels of light pollution and their effect on how we view The Orion constellation. And by the time you see it in its most clear and visible form, it’s simply stunning. The night sky goes from looking bleary to alive, and the only difference is the light we produce and disrupt the night sky with. “Lost in Light II is a short film showing how light pollution affects the view of the night skies using one of the most prominent constellations – The Orion,” the vieo explains. “The success and reach of my previous film(youtu.be/j2hNaT56FUY) – made the news in over 40 countries and published on National Geographic, inspired me to make a follow up to help people even better relate to night skies and further raise awareness on light pollution.”

To see just how stark the contrast is, check out the video here:

The difference is astounding. If this video has opened your eyes, there are steps you can take to help fight light pollution. “What can we do ourselves? Start by inspecting the lighting in our homes,” the video explains. “Home Depot has a separate section for dark sky friendly lighting. Then, look for bright unshielded lights on nearby streets, parking lots, etc. Raise awareness on the issue, get help from the IDA to make your city write lighting ordinances. Together, we can fight pollution and have our night skies and our identity back.”