The Women’s Royal Navy Service was not to be reckoned with. Here you can see English members of WRNS— also knows as Wrens, moving an actual torpedo. Though this particular photo was taken at Portsmouth Royal Dockyard in 1943, Wrens were a vital part of British military history for decades. It was first formed in 1917 during the First World War. Despite being disbanded in 1919, it was then reformed for the second Second World War and remained in service until the 1990s. At its largest the Wrens consisted of more than 75,000 women and was eventually incorporated into the Royal Navy. But photos like these serve as an important reminder of the female effort in the military throughout the 20th century— and the Navy was only one way that women contributed.


Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, U.K. 29 September 1943. Image taken by Royal Navy official photographer Lt. J. A. Hampton.  

Credit: Anti Worlds