What a world, indeed. Many Star Wars fans were stunned by the fight scene in “The Last Jedi” between Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren, but now you can see it remade in 16 bit. Mr Sunday Movies has posted this amazing video to Youtube, showing the whole scene recreated in 16 bit. It’s like seeing the most modern of Star Wars films in classic video game style— and it’s a real treat.

But of course, if you haven’t seen the film then you may want to wait because there are some SPOILERS ahead. This was a jaw-dropping scene for a reason. “But one of the biggest scenes of the film was the climactic fight between Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker and his on-screen evil nephew, Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren. Breaking from Star Wars traditionthis fight ended with the master besting his dark-side pupil, though not by killing him,” Newsweek explains. “Instead, Luke reveals he is not actually on the rebel base fighting Ren—he’s still on the island Ahch-To, using the Force to project himself to Kylo Ren… Of course, everything is obvious in retrospect—there’s no way Luke could have gotten off his island if he wanted to.” 

Although in some ways it’s a big departure from the previous film, there’s also a hint of nostalgia to tie it all together. “Just before he dies, Luke looks off into the two suns on the horizon. It’s a touching call back to the famous double Tatooine sunset shot in A New Hope, the 1977 film that started it allAnd while he may be gone for now, it seems likely from Luke’s parting line that he’ll be back to haunt Kylo Ren: ‘See ya around, kid.'” And even that last line, along with the two suns, are featured in 16 bit.

So if you’re ready, you can check out the whole thing here:

It’s a totally old twist on a new film— but the retro and the novel collide in a really great way. “The Last Jedi” was a fan favorite for a reason and Star Wars fans everywhere will appreciate this tribute.