“For if anything shows the absurdity of gender politics, it’s the social media censorship of female nips,” this NOWNESS video explains. And they are so right. In this amazing video model and Gurls Talk founder, Adwoa Aboah, voices a letter penned by Alex Holder that looks at the censorship of female nipples in our society. The discussion addresses some of the most hypocritical and nonsensical aspects of the nipple war— and gets to the heart of some of the most important elements of the kickback against censorship.

They talk about why saying ‘free the nipple’ and trying to take down page three are actually not contradictory campaigns, because they’re both fighting for the same cause: to stop the objectification of the female form. They look at the fact that the most popular nipple search on the internet is “Are my nipples normal?” a clear sign of the shame and confusion we still feel over this one simple, universal body part. If we weren’t encouraged to keep them veiled, we could realize that nipples come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and levels of hairiness (yes, even in women). We could get rid of the shame. Why is that so difficult?

The video even embraces nipples as an erogenous zone— and all the kinky things we like to do to them. No matter what you’re thinking of, it goes there. But perhaps the most provocative part of the video is when it deals with questions of ambiguity. When, while a girl goes through puberty, do we start viewing her nipples as unacceptable? When someone is transitioning, when do nipples go from the male ‘fine’ to the female ‘obscene’? And with some men having bigger breasts than women, why do we only censor the female form?

It’s a great video and it is, unsurprisingly, full of both female and male nipples, so be aware of where you watch it. To see the whole thing and help us work toward removing this ridiculous double standard, check out the video here:

This double standard is ridiculous and it needs to end. And this video does an incredible job at summing up why.