“We’re a family here, we look out for each other,” says one of the women of Sheroes Cafe. The name is a play on the word ‘heroes’— and these women are certainly that. It’s a cafe that was set up and is run by women who have been victims of acid attacks in India.

The Sheroes here, are women who have fought to survive after receiving a debilitating blow to their appearance and self-esteem by some members of the society,” their website explains. “These women are on the way to becoming true fighters, who have the courage to live, work and walk in the midst of the society and force the society to reevaluate its norms about beauty and appearance.” 

And listening to the video, the stories are incredible. There are women who thought that their lives were over, who wouldn’t leave their homes without a veil, who were ready to give up— and this cafe gave them a sense of purpose again. It gave them a safe space. The proceeds of the cafe go to support victims of acid attacks, which is incredible. But the cafe itself is a place to be together, to discuss equality and human rights, and to build up their confidence again.

To see just how incredible these women are and the great work that this organization is doing, take a look at this video:


Sometimes, an organization just gets it right. This cafe is doing nothing but good, for these women as individuals and for a whole community of women who have suffered from these horrific attacks. The depths of the damage that a trauma like that can do to your mental health and self-esteem are difficult to imagine, but this group is showing these women that their lives aren’t over. You can see just how much they have to give. If you want to learn more, please check out their website.