There are a lot of ways that families are formed— and this video with Josephine Skriver shows just that. She grew up with parents and what she calls ‘bonus parents’. Why? She was an IVF baby. And for her, like many others, that just meant more love and support in her family.

“Calling ‘Rainbow Babies’ from all over the world, in the first of episode of My i-D–our brand new series which seeks to tell the empowering stories of our favourite icons–Danish supermodel Josephine Skriver speaks candidly about growing up as an IVF baby and what life is like as the daughter of two LGBT parents–a gay father and lesbian mother–who met each other via an ad in a newspaper,” the description explains.

And though she grew up with a lot of warmth and acceptance— in part because of her family was so open about the circumstances that led to her birth— when she started traveling around the world as a model she found just how much prejudice was out there. She grew up in a home with love, with creativity, with understanding. She grew up with so much more than what a lot of other children experience. But still, some people can’t accept IVF, a treatment that has allowed so many warm, nurturing people to be parents.

Luckily, she’s taken her platform as a model and used it to spread awareness and acceptance about IVF. You can see the whole video here:

She’s thoughtful and articulate but, more than that, her passion for her family is so apparent. This is someone who understands how lucky she was to grow up with a solid, encouraging family. The idea that anybody could question how that family came to be is devastating. IVF has been a gift to so many, and questioning the authenticity and legitimacy of it is hateful and closed-minded. Skriver is just one of countless examples of amazing families coming together— and amazing people coming into the world— through IVF. And she’s doing such good work by spreading the word.