“I do know that ever since I’ve been aware of alcohol I’ve known that people love to drink and people love to drink in excess,” is how this video from Lucy Moon and Word On The Curb begins. And it’s so spot on— especially in the United Kingdom. In terms of binge drinking, the UK is one of the most extreme places in the world. Its’ 

In the UK and in other cultures, people relate almost every single emotion to drinking— happiness, sadness, celebration. It all comes back to a drink. And, as she points out, many in the UK have a fascinating, but worrying relationships with alcohol. But you’re constantly told that excessive drinking is normal. Especially in settings like university, everyone around you is doing it too and it’s easy to become jaded to binge drinking. In the video, she shares a poem about drinking that gets out of control. It’s a poem that she wrote when she was 19, when she started realizing that her drinking was becoming a problem. She wants to educate people, to discuss taboo subjects like alcohol and alcoholism— rather than just glorifying it.

“You will never drink away your feelings. The effects may be delayed, but sooner or later you’re jumping on that bus wishing that for once things will go your way.”


The last lines of the poem are powerful ones. “Stand up to the infatuation, don’t let the alcohol defeat you. Please.”

She’s right, it shouldn’t be seen as a shame if someone stops drinking. It should be seen as a personal choice and— in some cases— a necessary one. But, perhaps out of an awareness and defensiveness around their own drinking, so many people respond to others cutting back with disdain and scorn. It’s a conversation that needs to be opened up and people who choose to tackle their problems should be supported, not judged.