A lot of people think about packing it all in and going traveling, but so few actually do. We put it off, life and work get in the way, and then it can feel like we’ve missed our chance. Kat Carney is one of those who actually went for it. When her partner was retiring, they decided to pack up and go traveling for a year. But when he went back to work, she decided to let her road trip continue in her Chevy Suburban. For a photographer, it works perfectly.

Life in a 4X4 Chevy Suburban may sound cramped, but if you look at her Instagram, you can see her life is anything other than small. Full of adventures, mountains, water, and, of course, hammocks, her lifestyle seems to give her the ultimate freedom. The Suburban is completely decked out. They have a homemade awning, a box on the top that can carry bicycles and surfboards, and more storage than you would expect. But the real highlights include a fridge and even a stove, making it a very livable space. Oh— and there’s a bed, because what car doesn’t have a bed? Sure, it’s a bit makeshift— using sleeping bags as a duvet— but it fits her 5’8” comfortably, so what more could you want?

“It was definitely a process,” she says. And as you look at how it all came together, you can see why. It’s perfectly sustainable— with not a single object out of place. She’s created a space she can be happy with, travel in, and that actually meets her needs. And all in a Chevy Suburban. To get an idea of how it all works, you can check out the whole video here:

Some people talk about going off-grid and some people actually do it. It just takes some planning, some flexibility, and a very open mind. And if she can live happily in a Suburban, there’s very little stopping the rest of us.