Brutal honesty much run in the family. We brought you the video of Jemima Kirke by StyleLikeU in which she shared some cutting, frank, and hard truths about herself in the most fascinating, charismatic way. And now her sister, Domino, has done the same. Speaking of the pressures to being an “It” girl and growing up in a family of narcissistic women, she gives beautiful insight into her childhood and formative years. But her life has taken a lot of different paths from there. Being in a band, being a mother, and being a doula— she seems to have led many lives for someone so young. And the way she speaks so openly about therapy, about writing songs, and struggling to be OK with herself and her body— to process her resentments— is incredibly refreshing.

But perhaps the most revealing thing is the way that she speaks about her pregnancy and birth. Many people would be reticent to share the inner difficulties of their family, especially during such a vulnerable time as pregnancy. She goes there. Even after the pregnancy, due to health complications, she had to spend two weeks away from her baby in hospital. But the way that she’s dealt with it, the way that she’s come to terms with everything in her life so far, belies a startling maturity. The whole video is about 15 minutes long. For everyone— but especially for pregnant women and new mothers— it’s a fascinating to watch:

If you’ve never really thought about the work of a doula or any other birth-worker, it’s eye-opening. She’s so clear, so direct, while remaining soft and approachable. It makes you feel like she’s really bringing you into her world and her history. The StyleLikeU series is consistently eye-opening and compulsively watchable. And getting a glimpse into someone else’s life, when it’s done in such an authentic way, can be a very moving experience.