What happens when Paris-based artist and designer Mattia Bonetti leave the bustling city for his home in Lake Lugano in southern Switzerland? Total design brilliance. Seriously. Seeing the inside of this home and how much it means to the designer is an insight that you rarely get into the personal life of famous artist. And, with his design history, it’s no surprise the home is a work of art in and of itself.

“Bonetti has been a mild-mannered presence on the collectible design scene for more than four decades, his work arguably much louder than the man himself,” the description explains. “Unafraid of color, ornament or whimsy, his designs are rich in historical references—a rococo flourish here, an Art Deco nod there—though always decidedly contemporary when taken as a whole.” All of these aspects come to play in his home, though in some unexpected ways.

Fish and flowers have a special significance in the house. But what’s really lovely is seeing how playful and humorous the designs in the house are. Despite being beautifully curated, it doesn’t ever feel like it takes itself too serious, which allows it to have the comfort of a lived-in home while being so impressive. If you want to take a peek behind the curtain, you can see the whole video here:


Talk about real estate envy. Having that sort of house on the water is something most of us only dream of. If you want to see more videos like this, they’re are part of the ‘In Residence’ series from Nowness, which feature many different artists and public figures. Whether you’re looking for some divine design inspiration or you’re just curious, they’re worth a watch— though Bonetti’s is undoubtedly something special. It’s a design flair most of us will never experience ourselves, but at least we can see it up close and personal.