You may not think of music, Noir, and clowns being natural bedfellows, but this Ballerino video by the artist May is a cohesive, emotive project. Dealing with themes of heartbreak, acceptance, and finding beauty in the simplicity, the video was shot at Pearl Studios in New York. And though the songwriter didn’t do the choreography, there is a moving unity throughout the piece. “The video and the song feel like they are one to me,” May told When The Horn Blows. “Shay Bares (dancer/choreographer) really channelled the emotion of the song through the stunning ballet he choreographed. The two art forms complement each other so beautifully… have always been a huge fan of all things melancholy and Noir, so with this in mind as well as the idea of shooting on film, Shay was left to interpret. He brought new life to the music and proposed a Pierrot (sad clown character), which was perfect.”

And it really does fit together perfectly. To get a sense of its ability to be both moving and understated, it’s best just to watch it. You can see the whole video here:


Astoundingly, the whole feat took relatively little time to pull off. “We shot the dance in one take and filmed close-ups after,” they explained. “The whole project only took a couple of hours. The team and I hadn’t seen the dance until the day, which left us feeling a little anxious. However, when we watched Shay briefly warm up and run through, we were all floored by the beauty of what he had created. And so we just rolled with it from there.” Sometimes, it just comes together so easily. It just works. With a keen sense of filmography and theme, it will be exciting to see what May comes up with next. If Ballerino is anything to go by, we’ve got a rounded, talented artist in the making.