Red Light is a mature film, so not something you’re going to want to watch at work. But you should give it a watch. It’s a short film that, at first, seems straightforward. “About to move away for work, a kind man tries to convince his friend, a young prostitute, to stop working and run away with him,” the description reads. “…but all may not be as it seems.” And it’s definitely not. For a short film, it packs one hell of a twist. There are a lot of emotions packed into a short time.

Visually, it’s really stunning. It’s shot beautifully. The film utilizes its titular red light in a really interesting way. The red lighting is both warm and sinister, emphasizing the heat of personal relationships but also giving a sense of unease. The film manages to highlight the complicated nature of relationships, blurring lines between friend, customer, and love interest. Although the entire film is a commentary on the life of a prostitute, in the last couple of minutes it really resonates just how difficult and dangerous their lives are. With moments of hope scattered throughout the beginning, by the end you are left with a sense of futility and sadness. It’s incredibly well done.

You can see the whole film here. Again, it’s not something you want to put on at work, but you should take the time to watch:


It’s easy to see why it was a Vimeo staff pick. The movie packs a lot of significance and thoughtfulness— not to mention plot— into a very short time. It’s not an uplifting film by any means, but it does give you a lot to think about and manages to portray the hopelessness of some situations in a very real, effective way. It’s not easy watching, but it’s important.