Eclectic Method set out to make a house music video in the most unusual way— and that’s exactly what he did. This Indiana Jones Sound Effects Remix is amazing. But actually, though the video is great, my favorite part might be his description:

“I made a house music video remix using only sound effects clips from the Indiana Jones movies,” it says. “The sound design is made by Ben Burtt who also made the iconic sounds for Star Wars. So some of the sounds are the same as the Star Wars SFX Remix I did. You might notice how much a plane engine from Indiana Jones sounds like a laser from Star Wars. Whilst making this I also noticed the same punch sound occurring in 3 of the Indy movies. I’m pretty sure Han Solo and Indiana Jones’ fists make the same sound. Obviously, some Nazis get punched in the face and shot so this might be NSFW if you work at the Whitehouse.” Sure, what he’s doing is really impressive— but that little Trump dig at the end? Priceless.

It’s a really cool idea. More and more, people are making music videos and mixes with unusual sounds, but this one is particularly unique. Who knew that Nazis getting punches and some snake sounds could come together to create such a great beat? If you’re not convinced, you listen to the whole thing here. Don’t worry, you get to see the clips too:


It’s Indiana Jones like you’ve never seen it before— and it’s oh so good. The time that must have gone into editing this, not to mention isolating all those sounds, is really impressive indeed. It takes some serious creative flare and a lot of commitment to come up with something like this. Plus, we can all agree that punching Nazis is A-OK.