It almost seems a misnomer to call ‘Territory’, by The Blaze a music video. Though it undeniably it is, it has the character and power of a short film. “Filmed in Algiers, the ‘Territory’ video captures an emotional and complicated homecoming. In the visual we see a man in tears as he embraces his family after time spent overseas,” The Fader explains. “Similar to the ‘Virile’ video, male relationships are front and center throughout, though there are also tender scenes with a motherly figure too.”

The Blaze is a French duo, cousins Jonathan and Guillaume Alric, who live in Paris. Though still fairly new, their work is uniquely visceral. Their passion comes through when they talk about their work and you get the sense of how personal their themes are to them.  “We all have a place we call home, and we often live far from it,” Jonathan told The Fader. “‘Territory’ tells the story about a young guy going back to his family after a long time. It was, for us, a way to show strong feelings like love, and maybe the arrogance of youth. This situation is never easy — you sometimes have to fight to feel home again, in a place you don’t belong anymore. It’s a strong feeling of joy, and contradiction.” Belonging, homecoming, brotherhood, role models— the rawness of the themes pulse through the video.

“It’s not only about masculinity,” Guillaume adds. “We’re always looking to highlight youth in our music videos — this is something that is really important to us. The way you act with your friends, and family, the way you share moments, this freedom.” The Blaze manages to drive the point home in the video. You can see the whole thing here:


It’s such total change from what we normally see in music videos, both in terms of the theme and delivery. It’s a triumph.