“It isn’t hard, it’s just new,” Terry Acomb says. But as you watch the Slacker video from Redbull, you may soon realize that you and Acomb have very different definitions of the word ‘hard’. The video showcases the amazing studio and training platform he’s set up at his home, where he gives unofficial teachings.  It’s essentially a slack-lining training camp. Training for what? Well, he says he’s training for life, but it’s a lot more than that. The community centers around an annual slack-lining event at ‘The Fruit Bowl’, where the sport is pushed to— and beyond— it’s limits.

And while ‘The Fruit Bowl’ may sound innocent, it’s basically a camp that is suspended in midair— and something that would terrify any of us mere mortals. The annual event, G.G.B.Y. (Gobble, Gobble, Bitches, Yeah), has grown to include base jumpers as well as high liners. It’s a total community of daredevils and thrill seekers with skills that will make your jaw drop. But it is the community element that is so important. They welcome those from all over the country. Nick, a former opiate addict, explains how the group welcomed him with open and arms and helped him recover from his addiction.

Oh, and they can all balance on a tiny rope while hundreds of feet in the air. They are discovering new ways to shape the sport and help it evolve— with a carefree, cavalier attitude that most of us could never imagine.  It’s truly something to see.

You can check out the whole video and get an idea about the community here:

It’s not for the faint of heart— or those scared of heights— but there’s no denying how truly impressive the group is, as a community and as sportspeople. It shows just how far you can go if you’re not afraid to push yourself and surround yourself with people as committed as you are.