The Truth By Carelle Style

See The Truth

Once a upon a time, a baby girl was born to a ballsy Nigerian woman and named Elvira, meaning the truthin Spanish. Flash forward 26 years, Elvira realised that she was always destined to become a real life bullshit detector ha.

No but seriously, it’s become very apparent recently that I’m properly allergic to bullshit; I full stop cannot stomach it. I don’t like fakery, I do not kiss asses and I like to deal with situations straight on. Why do people beat around the bush? Why do people say things they don’t mean? Let’s just be honest, let’s just be real!!!

Realness is the way forward people. I’ve literally fallen out with friends, family, managers, strangers on the street because I refuse to deal with nonsense. Please take your bull somewhere else because this girl will happily call you out.

Of course, there’s a certain tact still needed to function successfully in society and not every battle needs to be fought. On the other hand, I don’t believe anyone (especially us females cos you know we get a special amount of bullshit thrown at us on a daily basis!) should have to put up with dummy behaviour from other people.

So my message to the few of you that read this today is cut the bull. Dealing with a boyfriend that is shady? Call him out! Taking unwarranted heat from a boss? Proactively address the situation. Tired of hearing excuses from family? Tell them! It does not need to be in an aggressive manner (though that shady boyfriend probably needs a few choice words). In fact, in most situations I’d advise against aggression but a “let’s face the facts” discussion should be had. It feels good to see the truth, I promise you!

Any stories of how you address other people’s bull, I’d love to hear. Remember keep it real peeps xo

Sidenote: In all that truth seeking, I almost forgot to say but how cute is this outfit? I’m loving Ivy Revel’s latest collection. It’s bomb! The colour of this look is soooo dreamy! I’m really feeling the taupe/blush pink colour this season (I’ve said that a million times before). Plus, the names of the two pieces are very fitting for today’s post, don’t ya think? 😉


Ivy Revel ‘Pure‘ Top

Ivy Revel ‘Rare‘ Skirt

Adidas Sandals

Celine Bag

ASOS Sunglasses

*Title from “Truth” by Zayn


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