17 Powers That Prove Moms are Superheroes

We all know Moms are pretty amazing, but here are 17 special powers that prove Moms are actually Superheroes.

1. Mess-Melting Saliva Generation

Mom spit can remove everything from a kid’s face including snot and spaghetti sauce while somehow managing to not eat off any skin.

2. Superhuman Hearing

While other humans (Dads) may be able to sleep through children’s cries at night, Mom ears biologically amplify little screams. Moms are hardwired to hone in and react with lightening speed.

3. Unmatched Strength

Like an ant, Moms can carry many times their body weight. They defy all physiological laws by lugging their child, purse, diaper bag, and a carload of groceries up a flight of stairs while wearing heels just so they don’t have to make another trip to the car.

4. Duplication

Moms grow little people inside of their own bodies. Need I say more?

5. Super Sense of Smell

Moms can smell a load in a dirty diaper from seven miles away. Even when her kid swears he didn’t poop.

6. Telepathy

Mom knows exactly how her child is feeling without him saying word. Moms can read minds so well that they also sense when their child is lying or even beginning to contemplate doing anything they are not supposed to do.

7. Invisibility

Mom can make herself completely undetectable, especially if her kid is fast asleep and it’s Mommy Time. She can move around the house completely unnoticed, drinking wine and doing Mom things. She has mapped out every creak in the floor and can stealthily enter and exit a child’s room without ever waking him.

8. Making Others Invisible

Moms have an amazing knack for tuning out annoying children. Once Mom makes you invisible, she can read a book, sip beer on the patio, or watch her favorite television show. All while a child is still being incredibly irritating.

9. Weaponry Skills

Don’t ever challenge a Mom in a knife fight. She has been cutting up food with unrivaled precision and speed for years.

10. Hypnosis

Moms are Sirens who can lure even the most stubborn sleep striker into a peaceful slumber using only her calming voice and some “Hush Little Baby” action.

11. Patience of Steel

Mom is incredibly patient (most of the time). Except when Mom loses it. Then Mom turns into the Evil Villain.

12. The Sonic Scream

What happens when Mom loses it, as mentioned above. This scream usually follows many ignored requests from Mom for her children to stop doing something. Everyone hears The Sonic Scream. Tears likely follow.

13. Freeze Vision

The look. The one look from Mom that lets her kids know to immediately stop whatever they are doing for fear of the Wrath of Mom.

14. Healing Powers

Sometimes just one kiss from Mom can miraculously heal minor boo boos.

15. Object Location Honing

In other words, Mom can find anything. Lost socks, the other Barbie shoe, and misplaced pacifiers stand no chance against Mom’s powerful tracking skills.

16. Omnipresence

Even when Moms is not there, Mom is there. Mom is everywhere. All the time.

17. Superhuman Endurance

After non-stop, grueling days of caring for children and a home, even a Mom sometimes feels as though she’s reached her breaking point, but she somehow always finds more energy.

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