Unusual pictures have emerged showing lions attacking a truck in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and gnawing at the truck’s tyres.

The visibly terrified occupants of the truck are seen watching on as the predators are nibbling at the tyres, while other lions try to smash the truck’s windows.

Fear: The tour guide said that the lions may have attacked the truck because they 'hadn't had a kill for a while’ Photo: Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail, the ordeal lasted about an hour, and the dramatic attack which occurred early this month was captured on camera by safari tour guide Emmanuel Bayo, from Arusha, Tanzania.

The hungry lions had not made a kill in a while according to Bayo, and when they spotted the truck with humans, they made their attack.

“They destroyed the wheels and tried to smash the windows – even though we have enforced glass which stops this. It would have been a disaster if we hadn’t,” Bayo said.