When I got home this evening, while my wife was serving me dinner, I took her hand and said, I have something to tell you… She sat down and ate in silence.. I observed her and saw the pain in her eyes.. All of a sudden, I didn’t know how to open my mouth, but I had to tell her what I was thinking: “I want a divorce”… She didn’t look upset about my words y asked me nicely: why? That night we did not talk, and she cried… I knew she wanted to know what was happening with our marriage, but I couldn’t answer that… It happened that she lost my heart to another woman named Juana. I no longer loved my wife, … I only felt shame for her!
With a large guilty feeling, I wrote a divorce agreement and in that agreement she kept the house, the car and 30% of our business. She looked at the agreement and destroyed it! She spent 10 years of her life with me and we were now like strangers! I felt pity for her, for all of her wasted time, her energy, but couldn’t change that now,… I loved Juana! All of a sudden she started to scream and cry, like to relieve the pain… The idea of the divorce was now even clearer for me…
The next day I arrived at home and I found her writing at the table… I didn’t have dinner and I went to sleep, I was very tired from having spent the day with Juana… When I woke up, my wife was still at the table writing… I didn’t mind, I turned over and continued sleeping… In the morning, my wife presented me with her conditions for the divorce: she didn’t want anything from me, but she needed a months notice before the divorce… She requested that for one month we would have to live as if nothing had happened and all to be normal… Her reason was simple: our son had exams all of that month and didn’t want to disturb him with our broken marriage…
I agreed, but she had another request: that I remember when I carried her to our bedroom on our wedding day… She asked, that for that month, I carried her from our bedroom to the front door of the house! I thought she was going crazy… But to keep the situation calm, I accepted. I told Juana what my wife wanted and laughed out loud and said that her petition was absurd, it didn’t matter what trick my wife used, she would have to face the divorce… Mi wife and I didn’t have physical contact since I told her about the divorce, so the first day I carried her to the front door, we both felt bad.
Our son walked behind applauding and saying: daddy is carrying mummy in his arms!… His words were painful… I walked the 10m with my wife in my arms. She closed her eyes, and said in a low tone of voice: please don’t tell our son about the divorce… I shook my head, a little disgusted, and I put her down once we got to the door… She went to wait for the transport to get to work. I drove myelf to work.
The second day, we were both calmer, she lent against my chest and I could smell the fragrance from her blouse… I realized that it had been a long time since I had noticed her. I noticed that she was no longer that young, she had some wrinkles, some white hair…! It was considerate the damage done to this marriage! For a moment I thought and asked myself: what was it that I did?
The fourth day, I carried her, I could feel that the feelings were returning to both of us… This was the woman that gave me 10 years of her life… The fifth and sixth day, our feelings continued to grow… I didn’t say anything about this to Juana. Each day it was easier to carry my wife and the month was flying by… I thought I was getting used to carrying her, and that’s why maybe each time it was easier to support the weight of her body…
One morning she was looking at what to wear… She had tried on lots of dresses, but didn’t like them! Complaining she said: My dresses are too big and it was then that I realized she was thinner! And that was the true reason why I didn’t feel the weight when carrying her… Suddenly I realized I had buried a lot of the pain and sadness… Without realizing, I touched her hair… Our son entered the room and said: dad, its time for you to carry mum to the door… For my son, to see his dad, day after day, carry his mom to the front door, had turned into an essential part of his life… My wife hugged him, I turned my face… I was scared that I would change my mind about the divorce… Already, carrying my wife to the front door felt the same as the very first day, our wedding day… She touched my neck naturally and gently… I held her tight, the same as our wedding night… I held her and didn’t move, but feeling her so fragile and thin made me sad… The last day I held her and didn’t want to move… I said to her: I didn’t realize that we didn’t have feelings, … My son son went to school and I drove to work…
I got out of the car, without closing the door, went up the stairs, Juana opened the door, and I said to her: excuse, I´m sorry, I don’t want to divorce my wife… Juana looked at me, and asked me if I was feeling all right?! I said to her: my wife and I love each other… It was only that we entered a routine and we were bored… Until now, we didn’t value the things in our life, but since I started carrying her again, everyday, from the bedroom to the front door, I realized that I should carry her for the rest of my life… Till death!!! Juana began to cry, she slapped me and slammed the door… I went down the stairs, got into the car, went to the florist and bought flowers for my wife… The young lady in the flower shop asked: what shall I put on the card sir? “I will carry you every morning, until death do us part!!!” I said to her… I arrived home, holding the flowers and a smile, only for her… I ran up the stairs, entered the bedroom… and I found my wife dead!!! My wife was fighting the awful illness called cancer and I was so busy with Juana, that I didn’t realize…
My wife knew she was dying and that’s why she requested a months notice before the divorce, so that our son didn’t have a bad memory of our divorce… So that he didn’t have a negative reaction!!! So that, at least for our son, it would stay in his eyes and memory, that his father was a wonderful man, a husband that loved his wife!!!
These are the small details that matter in life, in a relationship… Not the house, nor the car, the money in the bank… This only seems to create a happy environment, but in reality: its not like that!!! Try and keep your marriage happy… Remember the first day of the pretty story…
Share this, you maybe saving a relationship and you are simply opening someone else’s eyes.
We don’t really know or value what we have until we lose it.


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