Danish moms urged to send their kids on baby-making vacations

The video wants young people to stop lounging around and get on with it.

The video wants young people to stop lounging around and get on with it.

A Danish travel company has come up with a novel solution for reversing the country’s declining birth rates.

The hot-blooded new ad campaign by Spies Rejser suggests wannabe grandmas buy their adult kids an active sun and sex vacation, then be rewarded nine months later with a grandchild.

“You can’t buy love. Or can you?” is the opening gambit of the tongue-in-cheek video, as the camera lingers over a sweat-drenched young woman clearly having the vacation of her life.

Targeting mothers only (Danish fathers perhaps being less interested in grandchildren?), the ad explains that, having been there when her son learned to walk, read and ride a bike, it’s only natural a mom might want to help her son make grandkids — from an appropriate distance.

Vigorous vacations

Couples have 51% more sex on sunny, active vacations because endorphins and blood supply are hitting all the right organs, the ad claims without citing any reliable sources.

But not camping vacations, it adds. There’s apparently 2% less coitus under canvas.

The ad’s a follow-up to an earlier viral campaign “Do It for Denmark,” which encouraged people to go on romantic breaks to indulge in patriotic procreation.

In 2009 a video promoting tourism to Denmark was pulled following complaints it portrayed the country as a sex tourism destination.

Rather than focusing on Denmark’s many attractions, that bizarre ad features an actress playing a woman making a global plea to find the father of her young child.

“Doing it for mom”

Declining birth rates and an aging population are a serious issue in Denmark, as in other countries across Europe.

The country’s birth rate has fallen to 1.7 children per woman, down from 1.9 in 2010, and with the average age of women at childbirth rising, sex-ed classes in Danish schools are now warning teenagers of the danger of waiting too long to have kids.

Will Spies Rejser’s civic-minded sauciness be enough to turn this around?

As the video says,”If they won’t do it for their country, surely they will do it for their mother.”

Source: CNN

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