@yourfive by Rosie Fawehimi

The first most important thing in my life was easy to choose, it’s the only thing I’m sure of- my boyfriend. He has made the last two years my best. With his push I now have my dream job, which I’m grateful to him for. Our relationship is happy and easy and he always makes me smile. He is my favourite everything.

Phone- very unadventurous I know, but the main reason that I choose this is because it contains so many years of photos and memories (this has been a reminder that I need to get them printed).

Cartier watch- this was a gift from my dad for my 21st birthday and it’s the most expensive thing I own and I never take it off. It is such a special and unexpected gift.

Concealer- this may make me sound vain but this is my little life saver, I get dark circles under my eyes because of my skin tone, even when I’ve had a lot of sleep and they make me feel self-conscious. So this is my little miracle worker.

My diary- I couldn’t live without this, I use this to write in everything I do- from castings to going to the dentist and have now forgotten to store anything in my brain, I literally don’t know what I’m doing the next day without referring to my diary first.

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