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Every week I have an organic food delivery. This box is full of Organic goodness and defines the healthy, natural lifestyle I aspire to have. It represents to me all that is wholesome, cooking from scratch with pure, natural food. It’s one of my greatest pleasures.

When I was younger, my father took me on a short holiday. On the last day of our trip, I walked across the road to a shop that sparkled in the sunlight, enchanting me by its beautiful blown-glass objects and animals, all hand-made. My eye was drawn towards a beautiful dolphin, the light streaming through its blue and clear shimmering glass, and I fell in love with it. My father intended on spending $10 on a small trinket….and this was a tiny bit more than that! But he saw how much I loved it, and he bought it for me. I’ve always cherished it.

My family and friends live everywhere in the world, and these little booklets give me access to them; they help me bridge the geographical distance between me and the people I love. They also are quite literally my right of passage to every foreign adventure I’ve ever had and all of those to come.

My laptop is the door to my virtual world; I trade here, speak with my friends, post my thoughts, play games, look at old photographs, listen to music, buy gifts, plan my day and so on…..it is how I manage my life and one of the ways I keep in touch with the people I love when I can’t visit them in person.

Lastly, a 6-wick candle. There’s nothing I love more than a glass of wine with a great friend, chatting about life with some of our favourite music in the background, with the atmosphere set by the glow of soft orange flickering lights in a dim room.

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